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Aaron Shum Jewelry exhibited two great products which entered the latest Guinness Book of Records in VicenzaOro September. A lipstick case and a mobile phone case for the ladies. Of course, they are full of sparkly diamonds that can enter the record book. We met with Mr. Aaron Shum, the owner of the firm, in VicenzaOro, and since we have had an enjoyable interview with Aaron Shum jewels from past to today. 

Can you tell us about Aaron Shum Jewelry?

“Aaron Shum jewelry is a company of jewellery manufacturer founded in 1985. In 1996, we produced a worldwide patented Coronet. As you know, Coronet is a diamond design in which 7 diamonds look like a solitaire. This design was made by me for the first time in 3 diamonds way 20 years ago.Unfortunately, since I did not get the patent on that period, everyone used this idea and I have lost nearly billions of works.

We re-produced Coronet with 7 Diamonds in 2003, until 2006 we received patents all over the world and launched it in 2006. Atasay in Turkey, Chow Tai Fook in China became our first partners and we have served in many countries. We re-produced Coronet with 7 Diamonds in 2003, until 2006 we received patents all over the world and launched it in 2006. Atasay in Turkey, Chow Tai Fook in China became our first partners and we have served in many countries. 

And then in 2015, Basel- it was a 100-year-old history back then- accepted us in a Hall I, not in another pavillion, not in Hong Kong pavillion. In Hall 1, where all the great names, such as Graff, Hermes, Dior were included. Then we realized we were a new company and we needed to mix things up to get people’s attention. So, we made a diamond guitar using 400-carat diamonds and 1,6 kilos of gold. With the most valuable guitar in the world, we successfully received the first Guinness World Record. This was followed by a world tour. 

We have had widespread media coverage in many different countries and even in Turkey. I think your famous artist was photographed playing the most valuable guitar in the world, and ministers in many countries, even the king of Bahrain posed with the guitar. That was incredible. It created so much influence in the world that, Jackson 5 asked us to make a family ring for their 50th Anniversary. We made their 50th Anniversary rings for Jackson 5. 50 years later, we wanted to reshoot the same photo that was taken 50 years ago when the group was very young but unfortunately Michael Jackson was no longer with us and the brothers invited me to put on his ring and we took a picture. This is a beautiful story. And I represent Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s ring later passed on to Prince Jackson, Michael’s eldest son. 

Later, the last performances of a two- month music festival organized by BBC London were made by Jacksons. In this event, Jermaine performed my guitar in front of 40 thousand audiences. Then Jermaine worked with my wife to design a new guitar. Jermain’s playing this guitar consisting of 16033 pieces of gemstones for the audience at the Basel Fair, brought us the second Guinness World Record. 

How many Guinness World Records do you have now?

We broke the third Guinness World Record with a handbag we designed in the form of a Coca-Cola bottle using 9888 diamonds. We then received two world records with the 6576 diamond- designed protective case for iPhone X and the lipstick box we designed using 2126 diamonds. We exhibited these two products at this fair. 

What else do you plan to produce now? Are there different projects?

We work on different products and will share them in the future. I can say that; we are planning to design some pretty big pieces. We also wanted to be in the daily life and we are building a new diamond museum in Dubai. In this museum, we will also exhibit the Guinness world record-winning products. The museum will be opened by the end of November. Our partner, who is the biggest tour operator in Dubai, says that 300-500 people can visit this museum every day. This museum will have a story about our brand and Guinness World Records. 

By the way, how did the cooperation with Reena Ahluwalia begin?

Reena is a well-known designer and artist. She made diamond paintings and designed large jewellery sets for 3 years. Her pictures will be sold at the museum. This is very unique and special. 

What does Mr. Aaron Shum do in his spare time, in his special time?

We know you only cycle, I think you do sports I know I have to do sports to protect my health. That’s why I care about sports. I scuba-dive, go skiing and run and except for cycling.