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CRIVELLI 2018...

The face of Maison Crivelli and protagonist of the advertising campaign is Micaela Ramazzotti. An active performer, Micaela Ramazzotti has been working with the most important Italian directors obtaining prestigious prizes and representing for years the excellence of Italian Cinema. Micaela Ramazzotti, at the height of her maturity as a woman and actress, for the Valenzan maison, represents a genuine, elegant and spontaneous beauty, embodying a positive and reassuring model of simplicity and success, both in her carrier and in her private life.

Modulating styles and materials, unusual or classic details, the hotbed of the Crivelli jewellery house has made the future its present, using continuous innovation of pieces with a contemporary design. While continuing its creative march, Crivelli has begun to define icons.

Names that evoke inspirations, secret worlds, embodying the values of the Crivelli universe, bearing witness to the desire of the jewellery house to give a sign of continuity and presence beyond the seasons. “Just” is the essential elegance. “Like” with the purity of design is the three-dimensional embodiment of the first letter of Crivelli. “Unbreakable” has the strength of perfect geometry. “Outstanding” reveals the secret of those who already have exceptional character and beauty. “Evermore” goes beyond time and generations. Among these emerges the Collection LIKE which well represents the brand values Passion, Femininity, Uniqueness, Independence and Made in Italy.