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As well as presenting his new “Black Magic” and “RÊVERIE D’ÉTÉ” collections, Bäumer showed off his latest white diamond jewellery, including earrings, a ring and a bracelet.

As well as presenting his new “Black Magic” and “RÊVERIE D’ÉTÉ” collections, Bäumer showed off his latest white diamond jewellery, including earrings, a ring and a bracelet.

“We wanted to bring pieces that are extremely creative and different, that express our point of view very well,” Bäumer told Gold Book Magazine in an interview at his well-attended stand at the Biennale Paris. Bäumer ‘s “Black Magic” collection features beautiful colour stones on a black backdrop – which allows the colours to show out more. The stones include beryls, and purple tourmaline from Mozambique.The “RÊVERIE D’ÉTÉ” collection, inspired by an enchanted garden, features all sorts of colours together, including opaque, translucent and transparent pieces, with exquisite enamelling. Bäumer says his sources of inspiration are quite varied.

“It might be technology, or paintings, or a woman – or an amazing theme,” he said.
“It is important that my jewellery is meaningful: it is a way of saying that you love someone -- or yourself. After all, many people purchase jewellery for themselves. “It is also important that technology and innovation bring something to my jewellery, for example 3D printing, tattooed diamonds, and special cuts.

“Overall, I would say that my jewellery is innovative, meaningful, and has a love of colours. With an edgy, ‘rock and roll’ side.” Bäumer’s clients are often Americans, or French and other Europeans. “We meet clients when we exhibit at shows like [art and design fair] PAD London, and we host events for our customers in places like Monaco, the south of France, and New York,” the designer said.

“Our boutique on Place Vendôme is a destination: clients make an appointment or just come in.”

In diamonds, Bäumer likes cushion and emerald cuts. “I love white diamonds and colour diamonds: pinks, oranges and browns – the brown stones are wonderful and come in various shades,” he said.

“I have created bespoke pieces around pink diamonds.”

Bäumer is well known for his use of “tattooed” diamonds.“Tattooed diamonds allow you to have a sketch on the surface of a diamond, for example a symbol that inspires you,” he said. “You could ask your child to do a little sketch for his mom and have it engraved on a diamond.

Bäumer’s most iconic creation is probably a tiara for a royal wedding in Monaco.
“I joined a competition in 2010 to create a diamond tiara for Charlene Wittstock, for her wedding to Prince Albert II of Monaco,” the designer said. “Some major houses were asked to present a drawing. I won the competition. The tiara is inspired by the love of Princess Charlene, myself and Monaco for water.” [Princess Charlene is a former Olympic swimmer.]

Who is Lorenz Bäumer?
Bäumer had an international upbringing as a child, opening his eyes to a variety of cultural and design influences, before moving to Paris as a teenager. He received training as an engineer and moved into jewellery design.

Lorenz was creative director of Louis Vuitton for several years until 2015.
He became a Knight of the Legion of Honour in 2010.