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Jewellery is an extremely traditional and very old sector that includes many specialties. Belkız Sunnatçioğlu said that she tried to learn its language in order to exist in this sector and she reflected many of her education on Traditional Turkish Arts and different disciplines into her designs. She produces even the most complex forms in a simple, linear and humorous language. Today, the designer who first became famous as a name designer with her special letter characters shaped by using wire, continues to create jewels with a unique language by blending gold, diamond, coloured gem stones, pearls, and coral.

Belkız Sunnetçioğlu, who worked as a banker in professional life after her tourism education, 

thanks to the Department of Applied Jewellery Technology of Marmara University she graduated in 1998, opened the floodgates of the profession she always wanted in her heart.After graduation, she opened her first workshop in the Grand Bazaar, where thousands of years of jewellery 

tradition was passed down. She says that the Grand Bazaar is such a place and adds; “This is a place where the profession is learned and developed, if you want to make a difference in this job, you must visit this counter.”

On the one hand, the designer who started to produce her designs in the workshop, on the other hand, had educations on diamond and coloured stones.... She is a HRD ANTWERP diamond consultant professionally.

The designer, who has been working on ISTANBUL for the last two years, combines the historical heritage of a fascinating city like Istanbul with passion in her jewellery. She, with her own expression, is doing fraternity of style and cooperating with Yıldız Şermet, a ceramic artist working in Istanbul. “With both two-dimensional and three- dimensional designs, the collection is getting richer each passing day. There was a multi-part collection in itself, and it continues to multiply.”

‘We live in a very precious area where art and trade have been done for centuries. That’s why I am especially proud of being a women entrepreneur in the Grand Bazaar. I want to guide to the next generations. I care for women to be more active in jewellery because strong women will build the strong future of jewellery.