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Vicenza, January 24th 2019. Vicenzaoro January - the first annual appointment of the IEG Jewellery Agenda - and T.GOLD (the World Exhibition dedicated to technologies for the different processing of jewellery), organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, ended yesterday.

Remarkable satisfaction for exhibitors and stakeholders, as highlighted by the statements gathered at the end of the Show through the booths.

Divyanshu Navlakha, Owner SUTRA “VOJ has always been an important meeting point for the international jewellery sector. It is a strategic moment for us because, every year, we always meet potential new customers. In regard to its being held in January, it is a perfect time because, after Christmas, customers need to renew their collections ready for the spring sales. I think that Vicenzaoro has improved greatly in recent years. A great many efforts and changes have been made and we see that results are arriving: there are now many top-quality selected buyers in attendance and that means many new contacts for us from different countries. I am extremely satisfied on how this edition of Vicenzaoro January turned out. There was also good attention from the Italian market.”

Chiara Carli, Creative Director, Pesavento “For us, VOJ represents the return of the importance of the first show of the year on a global scale. Perhaps the Basel show will suffer from this a little but here, today in Vicenza, we have witnessed huge enthusiasm and a large flow and have also met up againwith many contacts that we hadn’t seen for years. We had numerous meetings and now it is up to usto select who could become our partners, seeing that we are lucky to have a very strong commercial network. We also glimpsed the potential opening of new international markets where we are not yet present, for example, Kazakhstan, which would be a really interesting market to get into.”

Natasha and Julian Tirisi, Owners Tirisi “Vicenzaoro represents for Tirisi a great platform with quality buyers. Thanks to the format of the Show, buyers have enough time to look at the jewellery and, at the same time, the jewellers can explain them all the details of the jewels in terms of production, design and pricing. In this way buyers feel more confident, thanks to the time they have at their disposal. For that reason we like Vicenzaoro as we think it is a show well organized and full of helpful people. They have the friendship, they help exhibitors, they help the buyers, that means it is a proper platform, caters to all wishes, at all levels, from young companies that just started, silver companies that need a different type of buyers than us, but that makes no difference, there should be business for all and Vicenzaoro is an all around show, top to bottom, bottom to top. During the show we have been able to acquire three new customers, of which one based in Dubai and awaited for a long time; a high end store in Palestine, which is a country that is not a common target in a traditional show. This is the firsttime ever for us in this country and we’re so happy to expand our business there.

Finally, we found an extremely wonderful company, honest, upright, that came to us thanks to the details of our booth, finalizing a good order. We are very very satisfied, thank you Vicenza, thank you Vicenzaoro.”

Andrea Visconti, CEO Giorgio Visconti “It is with great pleasure that we can say that all the days at Vicenzaoro January this year were intense. An enormous satisfaction for our brand. The contacts were mainly international and we were able to cover the whole world: we saw a variety of countries potentially interested in our brand. From China to Dubai, from South America to Northern Europe, with a significant increase in the German market which we did not record during previous years. We were extremely pleased to have seen contacts from the Russian market again which usually only attend Baselworld or Hong Kong. Vicenzaoro seems to have benefitted from the change that is happening at the Swiss show. The initial impression is that it has been a very profitable business moment for us. Also the fact of having invested more heavily in Vicenzaoro this year, giving up on Basel, seems to have beenthe right move for us, judging from the contacts made.”

Luigi Marostica, Managing Director Karizia Spa “VOJ is the first event of the year and the most important. For Karizia, it is the visiting card to the new collection and kicks off the year. For us, Vicenza, especially the January edition, is extremely important. And this is surely a different edition to previous ones: with less traffic, perhaps, but definitely more qualified, and therefore, a more positive edition compared to the others. It was busy from every aspect: it was probably a series of factors, but also the customer selection carried out by the Organization is finally giving off good signals. Since we work with pre-assigned appointments, for us it was difficult to include new customers, but it was busy, newrequests, new appointments.”

Martin Grosse, Sales Manager Schofer Germany “In general we can say we are very happy with theshow. We had a very good start and the business continued all way trough till today. I’m still having alot of customers today.
We are still very convinced this Vicenza show is a very important show for us. This is why this year webought our own booth, and did not rent a booth from the standard system. We thought it’s importantto have a nice presentation.

We are quite confident it will be a good year. As far as we see the orders coming in are pretty good. 100% we come in September. Both Vicenza shows are very important for us. We do 9 shows during theyear and we know Vicenza it’s a hotspot.
We had a lot of American customers, Europeans, Northern African, new people for us too, Russia andIsrael very interesting”.

Alexander Leuz, Managing Partner Schaffrath “For years we have been watching the Vicenzaoro show as visitors. If you look at the development of recent years, it has become an exciting international fair with a trend character. We are happy to be part of this family now, as exhibitors in the ICON hall. It's great to see that from the start on Friday we've been able to talk to European premium jewelers, multi stores chains, department stores from Japan, individual jewelers from Canada to the Middle East too. Even retailers from North and South America were taking part. It's uncomplicated to have a look at and you're quickly in conversation, a characteristic that many trade shows have lost over the last years. This makes it easy to present our innovative jewellery concepts and we seem to be at the right spot.

It is a show that brings together many things and is therefore so interesting for everyone. In addition to our first goal of meeting new, international potential customers, you will be offered an insight into an exciting and diverse world of jewellery with a lot of inspiration. But also the world of technology and the further development of production techniques is connected and gives us the chance to be up to date here as well. One gets the impression that there is simply more time for jewellery than in comparison to watch fairs. It is a gateway to the unique world of jewellery. Bravo Vicenzaoro - we'll be back...”

Massimo Poliero, CEO Legor Group “Once again this year, T.GOLD proved to be a good occasion for meeting our customers and sizing up collaboration projects for the coming months. The flow wascomparable to last year’s and, in general, the quality of the operators was very high. This allowed usto meet some potential and interesting partners and now we have several collaboration opportunitiesin the pipeline. Now it is up to us to work in order to make them solid.”

Vittorio Gaudino, CEO SISMA “Also this year, Vicenzaoro T.Gold confirmed itself as the most important exhibition in the sector for SISMA. The feedback, represented by the high number of visitors, pushed us to continuing the investment strategy aimed at innovation we are alreadypursuing.”